• Dr. Patricia A. Ferguson

How to Recognize Your Inherent Gifts

In this age of high visibility and overexposure, through the use of social media, it is impossible to exist and not be aware of the number of individuals who have discovered the key to what is perceived by many as "success". Along the spectrum of virtual reality and the internet community, other's find themselves addicted to scrolling through IG, FB, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms to watch who, what, where, and how life looks when it's lived to the full. Unfortunately, this can be a source of depression, anxiety, and the fear of missing out (FOMO). An even more detrimental consequence of social media over-exposure, is to become overwhelmed by a sense of hopelessness due to the errant belief that you could never accomplish what you witnessed via the internet.

Well, today is the day for you to take a step toward finding your own motivation, fortitude, and the grit to overcome the fear of trying. You only have to retrain your mindset to believe that the tools, confidence, and determination necessary to MANIFEST your gift- are inherently inside of YOU!

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